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About the Zachar Law Office, LLC

Protecting You On Your Worst Day

The Zachar Law Office, LLC is devoted exclusively to protecting people who have been charged with crimes. Attorney Christopher Zachar is an experienced criminal defense lawyer with proven results in difficult and high-stakes criminal cases. He has represented thousands of people facing serious charges and won not guilty verdicts in high-profile and controversial trials throughout Western Wisconsin. The Zachar Law Office, LLC represents clients in all types and phases of a criminal case including investigation, trial, and appeal.

We serve people throughout Western Wisconsin, including in La Crosse, Vernon, Monroe, Jackson, Trempealeau, Richland, and Buffalo counties.  Clients have included healthcare professionals, teachers, college students, business owners, and military personnel. We handle the full range of criminal and traffic cases including sexual assault, domestic violence, drug offenses, and OWI/drunk driving. If you are facing criminal charges, check out our practices areas to get a sense of what the Zachar Law Office, LLC can do for you and call, email, or stop by today for a free consultation. 

Expertise You Can Rely On

Many lawyers offer criminal defense, but very few devote themselves to protecting people that have been charged with crimes.  People insist on specialists to treat medical conditions, prepare their taxes, and even work on their cars, but will often hire the jack of all trades to represent them when their freedom is at stake. When you could end up behind bars, you don't want an attorney that is merely proficient - you want an attorney who has handled thousands of criminal cases and does nothing but protect people who are charged with crimes.  At the Zachar Law Office, we don't dabble in criminal defense; we live it. We don't handle divorces, draft wills, or file bankruptcies because we know that practicing criminal defense at the highest level requires us to devote ourselves entirely to our specialty.

Personal Attention Without the Cost

While many lawyers require a large retainer and charge high hourly rates, we pride ourselves on offering every client a reasonable flat fee.  This means that a client will always know what his or her case will cost, start to finish, up front. Clients are always free to call, email, schedule meetings, and take time to think about their cases without having to worry about an unexpected bill because the cost of court appearances and communication with your lawyer are all covered as part of the flat fee.  We keep our caseload intentionally low so that all clients have regular access to their attorney and receive personal attention throughout a case.

Standing Up With You

Our motto at the Zachar Law Office is "Stand up." We stand with our clients as fierce and unwavering advocates no matter the circumstances.  We stand up to the police officers and prosecutors who are trying to put our clients away. We stand for the highest ethics and loyalty to our clients. Most of all, we will stand up with you and be your voice on your worst days. Every client is treated as a human being because real lawyers don't represent "defendants" and they certainly don't represent "criminals." Real lawyers represent people and no matter the circumstances, our clients are always people first. There is never a "one size fits all" solution in a criminal case, and we will always know what is most important to the person we are representing, and strive for the result that best fits their needs. If you are facing criminal charges, call, email, or stop by today for a free consultation and let us stand up with you.

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