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Taking a moment to brag

Most lawyers, most days.

Lawyers love to brag about themselves. Successful cases, semi-successful cases, and even cases that weren’t actually successful often appear on dedicated sections of lawyer websites to show off how great they are. Then you have the “awards,” the endless number of certificates, plaques and designations that lawyers pay for to show off to potential clients and other lawyers.

But sometimes lawyers get an award that actually means something, and that’s why I’m taking a moment to brag today. Last week we were awarded the Martin Hanson Advocate’s Prize for successful defense of a homicide case at trial. The award is granted by the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to attorneys who have achieved the extremely difficult task of obtaining a not guilty verdict in a homicide trial. This is our second Hanson award in five years, and the Zachar Law Office is now part of an extremely small group that can claim multiple not guilty verdicts in homicide trials. Additionally, we are now the only law office in the state to obtain a not guilty verdict in a Len Bias (Drug Delivery) Homicide. The case required a monumental degree of work over two years, and we are extremely proud of the result we achieved for the client. There are no two sweeter words in the English language than “Not Guilty!”

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