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We'll stand with you

  • Appeals to the Wisconsin Supreme Court & Court of Appeals

  • Post-Conviction Motions for New Trials or Sentencing

  • Writs of Certiorari

  • Writs of Habeas Corpus

  • Appeals to the Division of Hearings and Appeals

  • Motions to Expunge Prior Convictions

  • Applications for Pardons

  • Motion to Terminate Sex Offender Registration

Criminal Appeals

Many people are unpleasantly surprised at the end of a criminal case.  Whether you were found guilty at trial, received a bad ruling, or are serving an unexpectedly harsh sentence, we can help.  Judges, juries, and lawyers all make mistakes.  Fortunately a bad outcome isn’t always the end of a case.  If you disagree with your conviction, sentence, or revocation, we are one of the few practices in La Crosse that represents clients in post-conviction actions.  Attorney Zachar has argued before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, successfully sued the Department of Corrections to eliminate unnecessary sex offender rules, freed a client wrongfully incarcerated by his probation agent, and prevented an attempt by the La Crosse Police Department to unlawfully withhold evidence from defendants.  Attorney Zachar regularly litigates cases before the Wisonsin Court of Appeals and State Supreme Court.


An appeal is a second chance at correcting a wrong, but you have to be careful how you proceed.  While almost everyone gets a second chance, nearly nobody gets a third.  When you decide to appeal, you need to choose a lawyer who will intelligently present your case.  Attorney Zachar has extensive experience presenting effective written argument to courts throughout Wisconsin.  He is admitted to practice before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the Division of Hearings and Appeals, and the U.S. District Court in Madison.  We represent clients appealing convictions, the revocation of probation or extended supervision, incarcerated prison inmates, and clients seeking closure of a past mistake with expunction or a pardon. 

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