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  • First Degree Sexual Assault

  • Second Degree Sexual Assault

  • Third Degree Sexual Assault

  • Fourth Degree Sexual Assault

  • Sexual Assault of a Child

  • Persistent Repeater Sexual Assault Cases

  • Sexual Assault of an Unconscious or Impaired Person

  • Lewd and Lascivious Conduct

  • Causing Mental Harm to a Child

  • Exposing Genitals to a Child

  • Possession of Child Pornography

  • Sexual Assault by a Therapist or Healthcare Worker

  • Sexual Assault of a Mentally Disabled Person

  • Violation of Sex Offender Registration Rules

  • Child Enticement

  • Use of a Computer to Facilitate a Sex Crime

  • Capturing an Image Depicting Nudity/"Upskirting"

Best sexual assault lawyer near me

Sexual Offenses

Sexual Assault allegations are among the most difficult charges to defend against.  Many people assume that nobody would accuse another person of such a heinous crime unless it actually occurred and for most people the presumption of innocence is in serious jeopardy simply because they are accused.  Laws restrict a defendant’s ability to show that someone consented to sex.  Videotaped interviews prevent normal cross examination of child accusers.  State crime laboratory analysts bend the limits of science in pursuit of a conviction and prosecutors call social worker “experts” to testify that victims are telling the truth.  While the deck is stacked against many people accused of crimes, it is particularly tough when the charge is sexual assault. 


Make no mistake, when you are accused of a sexual offense your family, your career, and the rest of your life is at stake.  The consequences of a sexual assault conviction last a lifetime.  Sex offender registration and the life-changing consequences it carries is nearly universal for people convicted of a sex offense.  Many sex offenses carry mandatory minimum prison terms of up to 25 years - even when a person has no criminal record, he or she can be sent to prison for decades if convicted of a serious sex offense.


Competently defending a serious sexual assault charge requires a combination of knowledge and experience that many defense attorneys lack.  Effectively confronting sensitive crimes investigators takes experience.  Contradicting medical and psychological experts requires specialized knowledge.  Cross examining a complaining witness takes instinct and tact.  Most of all, presenting a credible defense when the odds are overwhelmingly against a defendant takes someone who has been there before, time and again.


Attorney Zachar has represented hundreds of people accused of sexual offenses.  As a public defender he made it a point to take on the most aggravated of sexual assault cases because no matter how shocking the allegation, every person charged with sexual assault deserves zealous and expert representation.  We have a strong track record of pretrial dismissals, jury acquittals, and favorable resolutions in sexual assault cases. Attorney Zachar works with the best private investigators, forensic scientists, and medical experts to zealously attack the State’s case.  We are skilled in addressing forensic evidence, child interviews, and medical testimony because we have done so in hundreds of cases.  We regularly represent clients charged with sexual assault, possession of child pornography, sexual assault of a child, and sexual assault of an intoxicated person.  Attorney Zachar is a recipient of the prestigious WACDL Sensitive Crimes Award for jury acquittals in serious and complicated sexual offenses.


When a client decides that it is best to accept a plea agreement we work tirelessly to ensure a fair outcome.  We regularly work with psychologists, risk assessors, and alternative presentence writers to ensure every client is viewed as a human being.  Even when our clients plead guilty to a serious offense, we have a strong track record of minimizing time behind bars, convincing judges to order probation instead of prison, and facilitating second chances in difficult cases.  If you or a loved one are charged with a sexual offense, call or email us right away and let Attorney Zachar stand with you.  

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