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Pardon applications and Conviction Mitigation

Many clients come to us long after being convicted of a crime, wondering whether they will have to live with that conviction on their record for the rest of their lives.  Criminal convictions, particularly felonies, can have a devastating impact  on your ability to gun hunt or possess a firearm, travel to Canada, coach youth sporting events, serve in the military, or maintain a professional license.  When our clients are pardoned, the relief at having their lives back is profound.  Our attorneys regularly practice before the Pardon Advisory Board and see it as the best part of their jobs when a client is officially redeemed with a pardon.  Attorney Zachar regularly instructs other attorneys and paralegals on the pardon application process and the best methods for drafting a successful petition.  Because of our experience in this area attorneys across the state frequently refer pardon applicants to our office. Clients ineligible for a pardon may be eligible for expungement (removing a criminal conviction from public view) or other steps like reopening and reducing a criminal conviction to clear a criminal record or reduce the consequences of a conviction.   Everyone is worthy of redemption, and it is our privilege to get you to that point.  If you are considering applying for a pardon, expungement, or otherwise mitigating your criminal record, contact us today.

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