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  • Operating While Intoxicated/Drunk Driving

  • Operating While Intoxicated with Minor Passenger

  • Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death (OWI Homicide)

  • Violating Ignition Interlock Requirements

  • Fleeing an Officer

  • Operating with a Restricted Controlled Substance ("drugged driving")

  • Operating After Revocation/Violating Occupational License Restrictions

  • Traffic Tickets

  • Sobriety/OWI Court Expulsions

OWI and Traffic Offenses

For many people, their only experience with the criminal justice system comes after being arrested for operating while intoxicated.  Being arrested, booked and jailed is a humiliating experience for people who have families, careers, and otherwise stellar reputations in the community and the effects of a drunk driving convictions last for life.  People convicted of OWI face mandatory jail sentences, huge financial penalties, and long-term loss of driving privileges.  In felony cases, defendants are often sentenced to prison. 


Even when it looks hopeless, many drunk driving cases are entirely defensible.  Police illegally pull people over, order drivers to conduct field sobriety tests without reasonable suspicion, and unlawfully arrest motorists for legal blood draws on an alarmingly regular basis.  Scientifically flawed testimony leaves ample room for attacking standard components of an OWI prosecution at trial and the State will often seek to use questionable prior convictions to enhance drunk driving penalties. 


Attorneys Zachar and Davis have represented hundreds of people charged with OWI.  We handle the full spectrum of felony and misdemeanor drunk driving cases, including Operating Under the Influence of a Restricted Controlled Substance (“drugged driving”), OWI with a child in the car, OWI causing great bodily injury, OWI causing property damage, and OWI homicide.  In every case we carefully evaluate traffic stops, field sobriety testing, breathalyzer tests and legal blood draws and aggressively challenge mistakes in court.  We regularly work with experts to reconstruct accidents, challenge a client’s degree of intoxication, and provide medical explanations for bad driving and accidents.  When a client chooses to settle, our lawyers have an excellent track record of placing his clients in appropriate treatment courts and saving them large amounts of jail time and court costs. 

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