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You will always be treated as a person

No matter the accusation, all of our clients are people, first and foremost.  We will never judge you on the basis of your criminal history or charges and we will always represent you within the criminal justice system as a human being. When you are with us you will always be in a judgment-free zone.  To paraphrase Sister Helen Prejean, we live the philosophy that the value of every human being is always worth more than the worst thing they have ever done (or been accused of).


Cutting edge is the norm

We take pride in winning. In innovating.  Bringing the next great scientific or legal challenge is something that we are prepared for and excited to litigate.  Our staff is extremely well-trained and our attorneys frequently read, consult, and attend legal, scientific, and law enforcement seminars so that we will always know the law, science, and witnesses we are confronting in court. 


Small firm attention

You're paying your lawyer to stay in touch.  To return your calls, respond to your emails, and ensure that you are well-aware of what is happening in your case. You will always get a response from us and we strive for every client to walk away from their case feeling like we cared about communicating with them.  As a small firm that focuses exclusively on criminal defense, we intentionally keep our caseloads low so that we know every client as a person, know your case inside and out, and give everyone that we stand with personalized attention.


Everyone deserves the best defense

Our system of justice is founded on the Sixth Amendment principal that EVERYONE deserves a zealous and passionate defense. Regardless of whether your case goes to trial, is resolved by a plea agreement, or gets dismissed during pretrial litigation, our overriding goal is to have our clients walk out of court convinced that their attorney really cared about doing the best possible job.


Transparent flat fees and costs

Lawyers are expensive, but one thing clients should not be left to wonder is how much a case will cost.  While experienced and effective criminal defense attorneys are not cheap, we do strive for total cost transparency from moment one.  Almost all of our cases are handled for transparent flat fees, and you will have plain numbers from our first consultation on exactly how much your case will cost before you ever sign a representation agreement. 


You're hiring the experts

We don't dabble. We handle one area of the law, and we handle it very well.  You can't hire us to draft your will, incorporate your business, or handle your divorce.  We don't handle lawsuits, draft deeds, or file for bankruptcy.  Because we aren't jacks of all trade.  We're the masters of our craft, and it is crucial that we focus on what we're great at: protecting those who are facing the disproportionate and awesome power of the criminal justice system.  When you hire us you're hiring attorneys committed to specializing in criminal defense.


What we believe

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