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  • Possession of THC/Marijuana

  • Possession of Methamphetamine

  • Possession of Heroin

  • Possession of a prescription drug

  • Possession of Psilocybin

  • Possession with Intent to Distribute

  • Manufacturing a Controlled Substance

  • Manufacturing THC (growing marijuana)

  • Maintaining a Drug House

  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance

  • Reckless homicide "Len Bias homicide"

  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

  • Pharmacy Offenses

  • Obtaining a Prescription Drug by Fraud

Drug Offenses

The war on drugs has created enormous consequences for people that would normally have no contact with the criminal justice system.   Something as small as a single prescription pill could send a person to prison, as could any amount of heroin, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms, or methamphetamine.  Anyone convicted of a drug felony forever loses the right to possess a firearm, can lose their driver’s license for years at a time, and legally discriminated against by employers.  Even small amounts of marijuana can carry significant consequences, including preventing college students from receiving federal student aid, jeopardize the ability to serve in the military, and bar healthcare professionals from maintaining their licenses. 


We have extensive experience representing people accused of possessing, manufacturing, and delivering illegal drugs.  Attorney Zachar is very familiar with drug cases ranging from simple possession to complex drug investigations because he has represented more than a thousand people charged with drug offenses.  He routinely challenges state crime lab experts, police investigators, and the word of confidential informants in drug prosecutions ranging from small amounts of marijuana to cases that expose his clients to decades behind bars.


Whether you are arrested with a small amount of drugs, struggling with addiction, or accused of drug delivery, we can help.  Even if you think you’ve been caught red-handed, many drug cases are entirely defensible.  In a remarkably high number of cases, police officers fail to follow constitutionally required rules before seizing drugs as evidence.  As someone who specializes in criminal defense, Attorney Zachar is up to date on the thousands of cases governing search and seizure and has used those cases to throw out evidence ranging from a small amount of marijuana to large quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs.  Regardless of whether officers stopped your car, used a drug dog, or even showed up with a warrant, when police conduct crosses the line we will aggressively attack the use of this evidence against you.  When a client chooses to settle a case, we regularly pursue non-criminal diversion agreements, drug court, and expunction to protect your freedom, reputation, and career.