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Child Pornography and Computer Sex Offenses

The State and Federal governments aggressively prosecute people that they believe have used computers or cell phones to access, transfer, or produce child pornography.  Conviction in Wisconsin carries a mandatory minimum three year term in prison, lifetime sex offender registration, and a $500.00 fine per image. Production or exploitation convictions start with a mandatory minimum term of five years imprisonment and it is now common for law enforcement to pose as minors online with severe consequences to those who respond. Computer sex crimes are some of the highest stakes offenses that a person can face in Wisconsin's criminal justice system and it is essential to hire an attorney prepared to challenge your prosecution.  Our attorneys have advanced training on computer forensics and are trained in sexual risk assessment tools and mitigating techniques that help keep those who are accused of these offenses in the community instead of a prison cell.  In numerous cases we have successfully challenged search warrants, computerized 'hash matches' by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and search and seizures of cell phones, computers, and social media applications, resulting in suppression of evidence and dismissal of cases. If you are charged with a potentially life-altering child pornography or computer sex offense, don't take chances with your freedom, call us today.

Let us stand with you

  • Possession of child pornography

  • Production of child pornography

  • Child exploitation

  • Use of a computerized device to facilitate a sex offense

  • Trafficking a child

  • Attempted sexual assault of a child

  • Capturing an image depicting nudity

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