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Juvenile deliquency defense

We'll Stand with You

  • Juvenile Delinquency petitions

  • Juvenile drug offenses

  • Juvenile sex offenses/statutory sex offenses

  • Violent offenses/battery/disorderly conduct

  • Petitions to exempt juvenile clients from sex offender registration

  • Diversion agreements

Juvenile Defense

For many parents that first call is a nightmare: your son or daughter has been arrested and will be charged with a crime.  From the immediate question of getting your child out of lockup, to the nagging questions of how a juvenile delinquency can impact your child’s future, it’s natural for parents to stress about the impact of an arrest.  Unfortunately, youthful mistakes can carry lifetime consequences.  Children as young as ten can be removed from their homes, and even imprisoned in correctional facilities.  Convictions for drug possession can result in school expulsion, teen romances are often treated as serious sex offenses, and youthful offenses can result in lifetime consequences simply because a child was drawn into the criminal justice system.


The juvenile justice system requires knowledge of specialized rules, procedures, and techniques for representing children.  We have extensive experience representing juvenile clients who are alleged delinquent.  Attorneys Zachar and Davis have exonerated children accused of serious crimes like sexual assault, drug delivery, armed robbery, and felony battery. We represent juvenile clients in serious offenses and have obtained pretrial dismissals and not guilty verdicts in a variety of juvenile delinquency proceedings.  Favorable settlements have included facilitating pre-charging diversion agreements, resolutions that exempt teenage clients from the sex offender registry, and returning children who have been placed in secure detention to their homes.  Whatever the issue, we can help.  If your son or daughter is facing juvenile delinquency charges, give us a call or email us today. 

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