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  • University of Wisconsin Law School   J.D., with criminal law concentration

  • Washington University in St. Louis,         B.A.

Admissions & Memberships
  • Admitted to practice in all courts and tribunals in the State of Wisconsin (State Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts & the Division of Hearings and Appeals)

  • Member, Wisconsin State Bar Association (Bar #1089356)

  • Member, Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Member, La Crosse Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Member, La Crosse Bar Association

About Attorney Meredith Davis

Meredith first studied legal principles in a Constitutional Law class through Duke
University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP), which offered college-level summer
courses to select advanced middle and high school students. In college she became
involved in campaigns for human and labor rights. Having two parents in unions and
witnessing classism for the first time at a prestigious university made it a natural fit.  She volunteered her time working with other students, campus employees, unions and other workers’ rights groups—and lawyers. No matter the scope of the campaign or the event, she noticed everything went through a lawyer to make sure all possible avenues were pursued and to protect advocates from legal consequences and harassment.

So she decided to go to law school. Meredith graduated with a Criminal Law concentration after realizing just how disadvantaged the average person is when facing the collective power of the criminal court system. The stakes are simply too high to ever assume things will work out as they should. Meredith worked for the Wisconsin State Public Defender for over ten years, representing people of all ages, backgrounds, and facing every kind of criminal charge in thousands of cases. She has often (and sometimes gleefully) put those early Constitutional Law lessons to work litigating traffic stops, searches with or without a warrant, and the right of individuals to know what they are accused of and to have it be based on evidence. She’s also done extensive work with treatment courts throughout the state based on the belief that incarceration does serious societal damage and the court system should actively avoid it. In her spare time Meredith enjoys road trips, oddball movies, and generally making things.

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