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Attorney Meredith Davis

Attorney Meredith Davis joined the Zachar Law Office in 2022 after representing thousands of people over ten years as a staff attorney with the Lancaster and La Crosse trial offices of the Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office.  Attorney Davis provides full-scope criminal representation, and is our primary attorney for impaired driving, domestic violence, and injunction defense.  She has extensive experience with treatment courts throughout the state and regularly represents clients who are seeking admission to a treatment court, or facing expulsion from a specialty court program. Meredith is an expert in the treatment court model, and is our go-to attorney for clients in need of rehabilitative alternatives to imprisonment or revocation of supervision.  


Meredith first studied legal principles in a Constitutional Law class through Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP), which offered college-level summer courses to select advanced middle and high school students. In college she became involved in campaigns for human and labor rights. Having two parents in unions and witnessing classism for the first time at a prestigious university made it a natural fit.  She volunteered her time working with other students, campus employees, unions and other workers’ rights groups—and lawyers. No matter the scope of the campaign or the event, she noticed everything went through a lawyer to make sure all possible avenues were pursued and to protect advocates from legal consequences and harassment.  So she decided to go to law school. Meredith graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School with a Criminal Law concentration after realizing just how disadvantaged the average person is when facing the collective power of the criminal court system and has spent her entire career defending people accused of crimes. She has successfully litigated many pretrial motions challenging the constitutionality of traffic stops, home entries, searches, and interrogations and regularly resolves serious allegations for her clients without a lasting criminal conviction.  In her spare time Meredith enjoys road trips, oddball movies, and generally making things.


  • University of Wisconsin Law School, Juris Doctor, with certificate in criminal law

  • Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. (History and English)

Admissions and Professional Associations

  • Admitted to practice before all courts and tribunals in the State of Wisconsin

  • Member, Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Member, La Crosse Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 

  • Member, La Crosse Bar Association

Contact Attorney Davis

By appointment only.

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