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Probation extended supervision revocation

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  • Probation/Extended Supervision/Parole Revocation Hearings

  • Judicial Review Hearings

  • Alternatives to Revocation (ATR)

  • Drug Court Expulsion Hearings

  • Administrative Appeals

  • Conditional Release Hearings

Probation Revocations

If you ask a criminal defense attorney what the most difficult cases are to win, most will undoubtedly say “probation revocation.”  A person on probation, parole, or extended supervision, has very limited ability to defend himself when an agent wants to revoke probation and send someone to prison.  The right to a jury, full discovery, to have violations proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and even appeal are severely restricted for a person on supervision.  As a result, many people are sent to prison for violating the terms of their supervision on questionable or arbitrary grounds.


Attorneys Zachar and Davis have represented hundreds of clients facing revocation of their community supervision.  They regularly negotiates with probation agents and seeks out alternatives to revocation to save clients from going to prison.  Our lawyers have submitted many successful applications to drug court, veteran’s court, and treatment facilities that keep our clients in the community.  When a case goes to a revocation hearing, we prepare the matter as diligently as a criminal trial.  We will thoroughly investigate the alleged violations, zealously cross examine the probation agent’s witnesses, and argue all appropriate grounds to keep clients in the community.  Attorneys Zachar and Davis have filed numerous administrative appeals on behalf of their clients, and successfully sued the Department of Corrections to release clients illegally jailed on probation holds.

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